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What is a Life Coach?

Hello beautiful! Welcome to my first blog post, hoorah! I’m so grateful that you’re here!

You might be sitting there thinking, ‘Melissa, what exactly is a Life Coach? And why would I need the services of a Life Coach?’

Well, my love, pour yourself a cup of tea, or if it’s that time of the day grab a glass of wine and get comfortable. Because I’m going to tell you exactly why you need a Life Coach in your life.

Have you been thinking for some time now, ‘Is this it?’ or ‘I am destined for so much more in my life than this daily grind’? I’m here to help you to identify what exactly ‘more’ looks like for you, and then support you in creating the steps to bring more into your life.

I have worked in health for the past ten years, but I have known ever since I started my first job out of university that Radiography was not my calling. But change is scary, and I’d just finished a university course to do this job – I had to at least try.

So, try I did. I tried for ten years. I pushed and pushed and tried to make radiography my passion. But I just couldn’t come to love it. I knew I wanted more. This is where a Life Coach comes in and is super handy! However, I didn’t even know Life Coaches existed at this point! So, I had to fumble my way through two years of soul searching, until I found it.

Life Coaching is all about supporting clients to move from where they are in their life now, to where they want to be. A Life Coach can support you in a variety of areas, and my love is Mindset and Intuition. Why? Because they are the two areas that I had to learn to lean into and surrender for my own personal breakthrough.

I knew I wanted and was capable of so much more than the life I was living. But I was afraid. What if I failed? What will everyone around me think? How could I possibly start my own successful and thriving business? It wasn’t something that my old beliefs would have ever thought I was capable of.

Sounds pretty good, huh!

You might want to kick your emotional eating to the curb, so a Health or Mindful Eating Coach might be just what you need. You might want to embrace your true feminine self, so a Feminine Embodiment Coach would be the perfect fit for you.

You might want to rewire your values and beliefs so you can start being the best human possible, and stop self-sabotaging yourself. This is where I come in.

I doubted myself for a long time. I wanted to sit back quietly in the shadows and not be seen. I lacked confidence and belief in myself, however I was very good at hiding it within my job and friendship groups.

The thought of going out on my own and starting my own business made me feel nauseous. Posting my own views and thoughts on social media posts, let alone video – heck no! That’s not me.
Fast forward 6 months, and I’m in the zone. I’ve worked through my blocks, reframed my thoughts and I am embracing this opportunity to share my voice with the world.

Mindset work is a daily practice, it’s not a do it, done, move on kinda thing. So, I’m in daily action to keep my mindset positive and laser focused.

But the thing is, I did it. I worked through my *stuff* (dang, we have all got stuffs that holds us back). And I am honestly a million times happier for doing so! Putting myself out there was scary, but not as scary as looking back in years to come and regretting not trying. That would be heartbreaking, devastating and soul crushing.

Life Coaches help you to dig deep and work out what your heart and soul truly desires. But more than your desires, we help you to work out exactly how you want to feel.

Once you know how you want to feel, everything else becomes clearer. Easier.

Aim of the game, to feel good.

Life Coaches help you set inspiring, feelings-based goals, and then support you to create actions to move the needle forward. I coach women for either a six or twelve session series, where we have a session every two weeks via Zoom – so you can live anywhere in the world and we can connect! Hoorah for tehnology!

I also have one of Soul Ignition sessions which is time for you to move away from life for 90 minutes and invest in yourself. To dig deep, connect to your soul and gain clarity around a particular question. Always a great way to dip your toe in before diving into a coaching series.

Life Coaching is for you if you are really ready to dig deep, go inward and do the work. You’re ready for personal, spiritual, emotional and social growth. You know you want more in your life, and this is your opportunity.

If you’re ready, I’m ready for you!

Flick me an email to hello@melissaparsons.com.au and we can start your personal development journey. Because beautiful, you’re so worth it!


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