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My top Five productivity Hacks!

I’m currently working in my own business + working full time, so my time is limited! I need to prioritize my time to ensure I’m making the most of it, plus taking really good care of myself. Because no one wants a burnt-out Life Coach!

I’ve had to become incredibly intentional with my time to ensure I am best serving my business and my clients. Here are my top 5 productivity hacks to make the most of my time.

Time block

I love to block out my time so I know what I’ll be doing when. I will schedule ahead, normally the afternoon or evening before so that I am not wasting time on the day. I’ll block time for content creation, or business administration, or soulful sales, keeping them separate as each require different energy from me.

Within these blocks I always ensure that every 50 minutes I get up and walk around the house, do a few squats or stretches to get the blood flowing. This helps my concentration plus it’s good to move your body frequently throughout the day.

Prioritise most important tasks (MIT)

If I know I have something important to do, I do it first thing. See, I work best in the morning. After lunch I tend to run at least 30% slower, so if it’s important I get it done first thing. Especially content creation, I find I am in my most creative flow in the mornings.

Remove Distractions

I will put my phone on aeroplane mode and put it out of sight. Even just having your phone on the desk beside you on aeroplane mode is distracting. Out of sight, out of mind. If you’re at home having a quiet space where you won’t be distracted is essential. You might train your brain that once you put your headphones on it’s go time, or when you sit at your desk – you’re on. Work out what works for you and gets you focused.

Morning Routine

I have a consistent morning routine that helps me to feel grounded and really set me up for a productive day. My morning consists of meditation, journaling & movement. I find when I give myself this time and space first thing in the morning, I am telling the universe that I am worthy. It gets my energy flowing, and really gets me in the productivity zone.

Schedule in time in nature

I always schedule in time around lunch to get outside. I’ll head down to the beach for a swim, or take Addie to the park. Mother nature’s energy is grounding, and I find it helps me to return to work in the afternoon feeling motivated and inspired. Even just spending 15 minutes in the sunshine, feeling the wind on your face can help boost productivity.

There you have it, my 5 top hacks for boosting productivity. Have you got a hack that you swear by? Let me know in the comments below. Do you have a girlfriend who needs to know these 5 hacks? Share this post with her now!

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