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Learning To Surrender In Life Is Key

Recently I had got a big, unexpected, life changing, joy filled surprise. And to be totally honest with you, whilst it was in my long-term vision – I’d not quite imagined it to happen right now.

My exciting news was that I found out that I am pregnant!

Sometimes the best things to happen to us in life are the ones that we don’t plan. They just come into our life when they’re ready. Bringing so much joy, love and abundance with them.

This slight detour on my path got me thinking about life visions, and life plans in general. I am a goal setter – I love to sit down every 3 months in check in with where I’m at on my yearly goals. My focus over the past 6-12 months has very heavily been on my mindset & building my business bit by bit.

Goals are amazing, and a sure-fire way to keep our eye on the prize and in action towards making our dreams a reality. However, what’s more important than setting goals and then doing the conscious work to make them happen is being flexible with these goals.

The end result might not look exactly like you thought it would.

It might be better!

It might take a little longer to get there! And you might shift and evolve to new heights throughout the process. So, what’s important is to have a flexible life vision, or fluidity around the goals you set.

It’s important that we surrender to the process of life as it unfolds, and that we trust the process. That we trust ourselves, that we trust our intuition and most of all, that we trust the universe – because everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) is unfolding exactly as it’s meant to, in the most perfect timing.

It’s safe to say that a beautiful little bubba was not quite in my plans just now! Initially, I questioned whether I could continue with my business. I felt an immediate pull towards grounding and stability. I questioned myself and my abilities. But this initial gut reaction was purely fear based. Of course I could (and would!) continue with my business!

My business is only going to go from strength to strength as a result of this bubba!

I’ll share more with you in another blog post around how I worked through this unexpected surprise, and moved my initial mindset from shock and fear, to abundance and joy. I’ve learnt more about myself, and the importance of being kind to yourself. Especially in times when emotions are heightened.

More on that in another post!

For now my love, I invite you to cultivate more flexibility in your life vision and goals. Look for the blessings along the road, they may appear as a ‘problem’ at first but trust me, they’re a blessing in disguise.

All my love,

Mel xx

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