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5 Ways To Deepen Your Connection To Your Intuition

When you think about your intuition, what comes to mind. Do you feel connected to your inner knowing? Or do you feel like it’s non-existent, and you don’t have an intuition? We all have an intuition, or inner compass that is there to guide us on our path in life. It’s just that most of us have no idea how to listen to it. 

We live in a very fast paced society. Life is full, and it’s almost as though the busier you are, the better you’re doing at life (I call BS on this!). Not only is it a busy life we live in today, but it’s highly laced with fear and control. Fear of what might happen, fear of what might not happen. Fear is a human trait that kept us safe in years gone by. Fear is essential, however if you’re not careful, fear can control your life.

So how do we move away from the constant fear and need to control every single thing that happens in our lives? We start to release control. We start to feel the fear. And we start to deepen our connection to our intuition. It’s always been there, sending us signals, but we’ve been blind to them. We wouldn’t have known them if they slapped us in the face and did a little dance. 

I ignored my intuition for over 10 years. I ignored it around my career. I ignored it around my purpose in life. I ignored it when it told me partners were toxic. I basically stuck my head in the sand and did whatever I could to not acknowledge it. 

A part of me wishes that I’d connected to it sooner, and used it to guide me. But I am a believer in things happening in life for a reason. I had some hard lessons to learn, but I have grown as a person as a result. Difficult growth, but so worthwhile. 

In the blog today I want to share with you 5 things you can implement into your life today to start the process of reconnecting to your inner compass. This isn’t an overnight fix, it will take time and consistency – like anything. But with awareness and action, you will start to hear and feel your intuition, and use it to guide you through every decision in life. 

Firstly, get quiet. Quieten your mind and your thoughts through daily meditation. Our intuition will often send us messages when we are still, so commit yourself to a daily meditation practice. Start small, 5 minutes is great, and do it when it works best for you. I personally meditate for 20 minutes when I first wake, but that’s me. There’s no right or wrong. The best time to meditate is the time that works for you. 

Secondly, start to become more aware of your senses. Slow down and really taste the food you’re eating without technology in your face. Be mindful of what you can see when you’re on your evening walk. Feel the clothes on your body, water on your skin when you shower, or the earth beneath your feet. Become more aware of scents and smells, and notice what you can hear. Differentiate the sounds. When you bring more awareness to your five senses you will allow your sixth sense to deepen and develop. 

Thirdly, take a break from your day to day life. A weekend away in the country with your loved ones, technology free. A weekend away with your dog. A silent or yoga retreat for the weekend. Take some time to be away from your normal daily grind to allow yourself time to reconnect. 

The fourth step is twofold – get outside and connect to mother nature and unlock your creative side. I love this step because it’s technology free. I feel technology is really ruining our ability to listen and connect, so take time away from it every single day (if you can). Walk your dog on the beach, walk through the bush or the mountains. Be present and mindful, and focus on your surroundings. Just be. 

Unlocking your creative side can be done in a multitude of ways. Do you love singing? Sing every day. Are you an avid painter? Grab your brush and get going. Or even better, why not grab a girlfriend and try something new? A salsa class or pottery class could be a lot of fun, and maybe even a bit of a laugh! 

Lastly, get clear about your values in life and what’s really important to you. When you’re living in alignment to your Truth and your Values you will immediately be more connected to your higher self and your intuition. This can be a challenging step, because more often than not we don’t know what is or isn’t really important to us. More often than not we take our values on from family or society, and when we stop to think about it we don’t know why they’re so important to us. 

With daily, inspired action, you will begin to deepen your connection to your true self, and your intuition. Remember that it won’t happen overnight, but instead it will take consistent action. But you can do it, and you will. I believe in you. 

Let me know how you go in the comments below. xx

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